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Hi People

here is a copy if the latest email to Jeff Parry and other notables today the 2nd April 09:

F.A.O.Lisa Clarke, Jeff Parry, Michael Murphy, Jonathan Morgan et al.

Hello Jeff

On the 1st April 2009 I received the following letter from Lisa Clarke:

Dear Mr. Gabriel

During a routine property inspection it has come to my attention that you have
placed a number of blankets and sheets over the boundary fence at your address.

You are requested to move these immediately.

I am giving you fourteen days to remove the sheets and blankets. I then will then be checking to see that they have been taken down.

If the sheets and blankets have not been removed I will arrange to have them removed. The Council may then charge you for the removal of the sheets and blankets.

Please contact me on 20537410 if you have any questions regarding the above situation.

Yours sincerely Lisa Clarke.

This is not the first time that I have received such from her, the last time I wrote back get a court order so that I can explain to a Judge why they have been placed there. I have also blogged about it and I have sent that to Judith Woodman and Rodney Berman but as ever they have refused to respond, as as all the other Usual Suspect that I have sent copies of my blogs to regarding the Criminal Negligence shown me by Cardiff County Council and my Housing situation.

For Miss clarke's benefit they can be found on the one relating to the last letter was posted on the 28th Feb 2008 here is the header with a few of the introductory comments of note:

Thursday, 28 February 2008

CARDIFF COUNTY COUNCIL VICTIMISING TENANT AGAIN 28th FEB 2008Hi people I received the following letter from one Lisa Clarke (housing officer for Cardiff County Council) dated 27th Feb 2008 Oh by the way Mr. Clarke I don’t live in number 17 (removed for privacy reasons but sent to the Usual suspects) and Mr. Watkins doesn’t live at number 15 his tenancy is 15A. So is your document null n void??? I almost sent his back to you marked, no such person at this address.

The url for this blog is You can all read the rest at your leisure.

However should I ever be in the position where I have the legal means at my disposal I would sue her for every penny that she has, Oh and where oh where is that injunction against her or any other housing officer writing me these threatening letters as requested then????????? No where Mr. Parry.

Do you require the necessary forwarding of the email sent to Judith Woodman that contains this blog, as part of my reply to your 24th of March Jeff??? To prove that she knew that this was going on that she knew that I have made repeated requests via the blogs for solid fencing for the front and back garden so that my plants are not over run by Mr. Fowler's bind Weed?? or their habit of placing their cars as near to the fence as possible on hot summers days, causing them heat damage?? Guess nobody cared then just as nobody cares now.

So how do I go about getting an injunction against Cardiff County Councils housing officer, and her threat to remove the screens that this poor boy can afford because his landlord refuses to do it on his behalf, even though pro rata the Landlord is getting more rent per unit from my tenancy than they would if the property were let as a house??? In 2000 the differential in that was that my flat was £9.90 less than a whole house of a similar size in the area. Not that anyone cares that this is indeed looked at from my point of view defrauding the Social Security Department.

Neither has anyone cared to challenge the rateable value that the district valuer has placed on this property, which means that I and no doubt Mr. Watkins are being scammed by the Water Company. So that they can send me a bill that totals £765.58 the total charge less deductions because it is paid direct from the DHSS is £450.07 plus the what I owe them and have been paying off weekly since 2000, means the DHSS send me a notification that this year they will be deduction £619.84 from my benefit to pay DWR Cymru, out of a annual salary of £4778.80 and the councils responsibility to the duty of care of its tenants flew out the window when they moved me in in 1999.

So over the last few weeks I have arranged for the Dwr Cymru to install a water meter at the property seeing as the likely hood of me being moved to a property where I will have the peaceful enjoyment of my home, is null and void or likely to take another 10 years. They apparently have trouble fitting it due to the pipe work it not being a regular size. As part of my up yours Dwr Cymru I have asked David John to call around and check the roof water down pipes to see if they could be diverted into some barrels so that I could challenge the standing water charge part of Dwr Cymru's bill which amounts to £155.13 as part of their bill. Mr. John agreed to have his plumber Howard to come and look at it yesterday, and the job was all ready to go for today, when Howard turned up he regrettably informed me that the job had been put on stop by a Sue Bartlett. See job number or works order 40423690 which came later on today via the postman.

The cost of the items needed for the transformation and the collection of roof water thereby reducing my water bill is minimal, the cost of the labour would be the same and it would be money saving labour for this poor man or impoverished tenant and it might just have put Cardiff County Council in the lead of all others in the UK in terms of practical steps to ease poverty of its tenants and a more sustainable way of life. Something it might like to boast about in the many glossy broshure's that it appears to have endless money to spend on, but ha not on its tenants eh Crazydave.

I would appreciate Jeff, Mr. Murphy if one of you might contact Lisa Clarke and confirm to me ASAP that her threat will not be carried out. I would like one or both of you to have a chat with Sue Bartlett and put the adaptation work back in process and then maybe the council can sell the idea and gain the funds if it need to to adapt any other council property where the tenants might find this helps them, and they I would suggest we all put pressure on the Welsh Assembly Government to challenge the amount of Dwr Cymrus bill that can be deducted due to the adaptation.

I forgot to ask David John to have a look at the hall lighting so he asked me to ask Howard and it seems that as this would be no technical challenge and as it would save the council money over time that it can be given the go ahead and not be stopped so that I do not have to go out every night and save on landlord lighting at the property.

I wonder Jeff if this is enough to go to the next stage of the complaints process and like I am still waiting for a corporate complaint number from Jan 2006 can I have one for the contents of your 24th March 09 to me????????????? I trust that it is.

I shall be placing videos on youtube about the TV Licencing posting letter with Mr. Watkins as the apparent legal occupier of 15 Gxxxxx Pxx, I have rung them to inform them that Mr. Watkins isn't the legal occupier of that address but he is the legal occupier of 15a Gxxxx pxxx. That is another corporate complaint that has never been dealt with, Mr. Watkins continual use of my address for registering cars for joining private clubs for BT for Virgin etc,etc,etc I am sure that not all of these organisation can continually make typing errors, and while I notify some and don't with others it seems that they either don't change the details or that Mr. Watkins signs up for them all over again. Either way attempts at identity theft are a concern of mine, and I get fed up with this situation and nothing since the O'Brien report CC99-3-2 made oh so long ago about the post issue, nothing has been done, neither a follow up by the Local Government Ombudsman or by Mr. O'Brien so wots news Crazydave oh just another symptom of the Criminal Negliegence Mr. Parry.

With that I shall await your repiles.
Yours in Faith that someday justice will prevail and the Criminal Negligence end
David Gabriel 15 Gxxxx xxxxx


Hi Everybody
Well I sent that to this person and that yesterday and I have uploaded a few videos which I am listing below. For those who will not understand the references in the above I am going to place the letter received by me from Jeff Parry the man dealing with the complaints following my asking the public question at the Full Council meeting way back in January. Here is his reply: Ooops jeff's attachment wouldn't open so I will have to type out his reply some other day for today here are the video url's that coincide with this blog, and some that don't but you might like to see:












You will see when I do type up Jeff's reply that he doesn't appear to know to which videos I am referring to? I thought I made it plain its these ones Jeff, and the only trouble I have had in accessing them through the councils computers is when I mentioned that its funny how you could view my one's of councillors in your please stop videoing them letter, but that Ed Bridges claims that he could not in a email to me??
That is the moment my access to my youtube videos kept coming up video nolonger available as if it was a message from youtube but is really someone in the council messing with my private settings, as I see other adults freely accessing any youtube video they like, but probably not mine. Thank God for internet cafes where I can annotate them check out my squirrel video 'more fruit n nut trees in the urban environment' is the motto Mr.Parry.

Now all that said Mr. Parry on thursday the 19th of March Mr. Watkins verbally assaulted me in his usual belligerent, antagonistic and rude manner telling me how the council will be writing to me over the apple tree out the front garden and how it is cutting out his light? Remarkable seeing as it wasn't even in bloom then, but fortunately for me I did have a witness to his outburst, but so far not the letter. You will find that I have suggested in one of my videos that he get down on his knees and give thanks to god that he can see it.

Second issue he is once again having visitors, don't know if this latest one is an albino but he sure likes the curtains closed, now that has been going on for the last three days. So while Mr. Watkins is in work the visitor is above, coughing and stomping, seems they need medical attention for their lung problems, I just find myself thinking 'die you fxxx' well you would if you had lived on the ground floor in this property for all these years. Not that you can do anything about that is there Mr. Parry but I thought I would make you aware. What I wonder is Mr. Watkins is going to complain to the council that the eaves of the roof are blocking his light now that the sun in rising higher in the sky with the onset of summer????????? Or hasn't the injunction been served on him to never ever talk to Mr. Gabriel again????????? Tell me Mr. Parry.

Well that's the update over and I shall have to type up Mr. Parry's letter to me soon.

All the best people in this instance its getting a government that implements simple solutions to poverty issues and that when they refuse they are held accountable.

For a full list of blogs got to now its time to send Jeff n all a copy of this update.
Hi People well here is a copy of the Jeff Parry letter to me
dated the 24 March 2009.

Dear Mr. Gabriel,


Investigating Officer:
Jeff Parry-Committee & Members Services Manager
23 March 2009

Complaint received on 24th February 2009, covering the points listed below:

1. Issues in relation to your refusal to attend Gabalfa Clinic in respect of a psychiatrist named Jawad (Adult Services)
2. The lack of response to emails sent to (Adult Services)
3. Lack of action in providing a push button lighting system for the hallway and stairs at 15 Gxxxxx xx (Housing & Neighbourhood renewal).
4. That Judith Woodman deliberately misled the full Ouncil on 22nd January 2009 regarding her understanding of neglect and criminal negligence (Clerk to the Council).
5. That Procedural rules in respect of public questions to Council violate article 10 of the Human Rights Act (Clerk to the Council).
6. Your computer settings on Council run Library computers have been altered, preventing you from accessing your videos etc, a political censorship act by the Council (Culture, Leisure & Parks).
7. The lack of action in sympathetically rehousing yourself, which is criminally negligent in your circumstances (Housing & Neighbourhood Renewal).
8. The need to have a named Councillor from outside your ward as you believe your elected ward Councillors ‘are useless’ (Clerk to the Council).

Responses to the points made above were requested from the service areas whose service you refer to and the following responses have been received.

1. Mike Murphy understood that you had requested an assessment by the Community Mental Health Team (CMHT). These assessments are done by a member of the multi disciplinary team-not by a doctor or psychiatrist. The assessment can also identify sources of help/advice and as a result colleagues can signpost the member of the public to an appropriate agancy.
2. It appears that you were given an incorrect email address. Mr Murphy would be happy for you to contact him at .
3. I can inform you that Community Maintenance Services have no record of a request for a push button lighting system for the hallway, nor is this something that they would look to install due to the make-up of the property. However if you are experiencing problems with the lighting or can be more specific as to your request, please contact the Repair Reporting Line on 02920 369379 who will arrange for an officer to call and inspect.
4. Councillor Woodman has confirmed that she stands by the reply she gave at Council on 22 January 2009. She did not deliberately mislead anyone and has dealt with all the issues raised in correspondence to her by you. The correspondence has been responded to appropriately either by Councillor Woodman or an officer of HANR. Councillor Woodman is most certainly not aware of any criminal neglect on her part.
5. It is the Council’s opinion that the rules you refer to are not violations of the Human Rights Act. The Courts have been very clear that it is not sufficient for complainants to simply claim breach of the Act-you are required to set out exactly how the alleged breach offends the Act.
6. It is unclear from your letter what exactly you mean when you say the computer settings have been altered on the library computer. This could be interpreted in one or two ways.

a) That your membership record has been altered and you are no longer able to borrow videos. The Service Area has checked your record and can see no discrepancies. If this is what has happened the officers of that Service Area will need more specific information in order to investigate further.
b) That you are unable to access videos (on the Internet) via the public access PC’s in libraries. Access to videos is prevented by the filtering system. Occasionally videos can be accessed (e.g. on new sites or via new addresses) before the filtering system catches up then videos are blocked. This may be what you are referring to.

If it is neither of these then further clarification is needed from you so that the officers can investigate with ICT colleagues. However, I am assured by the officers of that Service Area that whatever the issue, it is not an act of political censorship on the part of libraries as they are there to enable free access to information wherever possible.

7. I have been informed that the Rehousing Unit (within Housing and Neighbourhood Renewal), received a housing transfer application form from you in October 2008. This was deferred as the form was incomplete. The application form was returned to you in October 2008 to complete, but to date the Rehousing Unit has not received a completed form.

Once you have completed the form and returned it to the Rehousing Unit your application will be amended and assessed. I can inform you that your request for a transfer will be registered from the original application date of October 2008.

8. Councillors are elected by voters within an electoral division and are expected to balance different interests and represent the electoral division as a whole. It is not usual practice for a Councillor from another Ward to act unless that Councillor has been specifically approached and requested to do so. The Councillor would then raise the matter with the sitting Ward Councillors.

If you are unhappy with the Council’s response please let the officer, who dealt with your complaint, know you wish to appeal the decision. If the Council has not heard from you by one month, the file will be closed.

Yours sincerely

Jeff Parry
For the Clerk to the Council.

I guess that I ought to go through these point by point in order to appeal them, although I think that my blogs and videos cover all of this attempt to continue the Councils policy of neglect towards this tenant.

1. Mike Murphy's exact words to me not me to him were 'would you like a social worker?' not you will have to be assesed by anyone but 'would you like one' I foolishly believed that my complaint as outlined in the first attempt at asking a public question (see relevant blog) the one refused for breach of Council rules. Had somehow made the need for any assesment null n void not that Mike told me that would be necessary. Its another reason why citizens ought to be able to record their dealings with Council official so that at some future date the said official cannot claim words that a citizen did not say!

2. You will see that Jeff says that the email I had been given for Mike Murphy is the wrong one then proceeds to place the self same email address as the one Mike Murphy would be glad to reply to me on. The following emails was sent on the 10th of feb 09 and so far not been responded to you will note that it conforms to the one I have been requested to use i.e. for the slow people that means its the same one. Odd Jeff I think so!!!

Hi Michael‏
From:david gabriel (
Sent:10 February 2009 20:26:50

Hi Michael

I had hoped that Jeff Parry would have let you know that I was attempting to get hold of you. Attached are videos of the two visits to the Gabalfa clinic, I was surprised to have their letter dated the 16th of jan and it didn't reach me until the 28th jan but that's another issue entirely. If someone had read through my blogs they would have seen that I have issues with Bro taff Health Authority and the Psychiatrists that they employ. But I think this run around of trying to get hold of the details who contacted them on my behalf, is enough to show how difficult these people can be.

I wonder if it was you who had gone there the second time asking for the details to be fobbed off again with cannot does, how you would be feeling. Especially as it prolongs the day that I am to be released from Mr. Watkins insidious presence in my day to day life.

So where does this leave me in someone making an executive decision on my behalf to house me in a bungalow where I will not be subject to the prejudice of the so called well adjusted??????????

Plus there is the question of the £30 million in rent rebates and do I have to be at what meeting in order for it to get asked or should I just formulate it as a public question to be asked at the next full council meeting.

what also do I do about the e-mail evidence that proves that Judith Woodman told lies at the Full Council meeting, and that she was aware that I was still outstanding a corporate complaint number, from the housing office.???

I trust that this email address given to me today is the correct one and that you might do me the courtesy of just hitting reply initially and saying it has got through David.

Here are the video URL's for the gabalfa clinic visits plus one of Jonathan Morgan captured outside the Gabalfa Library. Talking of which it seems that my videos are being blocked by the councils web site. Previously I have been able to annotate them at the library, but it seems that someone has messed with my filters and they keep coming up sorry this video is no longer available, when that is not the case. I have asked for this to be put right are political censorship by a county council in the uk in 2009 is very very suspect Michael. I have shot video evidence of this and will be putting that up on youtube as well.

The first visit

The second visit

The Jonathan Morgan chat

I do hope that I hear from you very soon David Gabriel.

3. It seems that this practice of changing to push button systems is normal especially where it will save the landlord money over time. I have requested it on numerous occasions. A copy of this email dated the 28th feb 2008 note who the co-receiver is:

From:david gabriel (
Sent:28 February 2008 18:03:05

Here is a copy of my latest blog, and a reply to Mrs Clarke's letter it like the other blogs on this topic is a corporate complaint, although no number has been forthcoming from the 2006 corporate complaints I have made, regarding the sheets.

I trust this will be the last time that Mrs Clarke sends me a letter, or any other member of the housing office, but incase they do, perhaps this time they can get it addressed correctly, and ammend their records for Mr. watkins to 15A gxxxx xx cf hq, and mine for n15 cf hq ( address removed for privacy reasons).

As ever David Gabriel.
(a full copy of the blog was added for their reference)

So yes unelected council officials received a copy as did the LGO but did nothing.

4. Do I really need to copy all the emails sent to Judith Woodman and her lack of action or is the above so far enough to convince? Well here is one dealing with the self same blog and as the IPCC Sally Rebeiro had been blocking my emails I at this time was forced to open dummy ones in order to ensure that it did not automatically go to their Junk Folder this is the forwarded email to Judith Woodman and some other notables:

From: master hilarion (

Sent:28 February 2008 16:35:44




Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 16:31:56 +0000

This is Crazydave's latest blog. Are you all so content as to allow this victimisation to continue? Hilarion

Thursday, 28 February 2008

With the rest of the blog attached! I do have attempts at contacting your HANR team and Judith Woodman is well aware that I have had trouble getting email replies from them. Corporate victimisation OH I think so Jeff, abit like this letter from you while I am still in the same housing situation????????????Where or where is prompt action dealing with harrasment/intimidation claims??????made by vulnerable adults to elected or unelected officials?????????

5. The breach of the act is so self evident it is a wonder Jeff that you have the timerity to claim that the rules relating to a public question do not breach them, as I see myself as a citizen journalist/documentary film maker then my videoing council meetings in order to hold the Council to account, etc is a breach of that right. That previous journalist have allowed the Council to keep its goings on a secret from the general public, technology as you know has moved on, and we are a more demanding of accountability generation now.

The right to ask pertenant questions so that a public authority is put in the spot light is violated by the public question rules, as well as the arbitary rules regarding the videoing of meetings with Councillors or other unelected officials of the Council so that events cannot be misrepresented.

Or to quote a phrase 'It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with convention rights'

Shall we chat about article 8 violations as well Jeff, because I have made enough claims about the council ignoring that aspect as well like the sound insulation being below minimum standards and about the post issue, the right to respect for private life so outrageously flaunted at this council property.

6. I think it is pritty obvious that I was talking about accessing my videos on youtube so that I could annotate them at the library. As I did prior to my mentioning that it was odd that you had apparently seen my videos on youtube with your comment in a previous correspondence but that Ed Bridges so often told me he could not (another elected official who chose to ignore complaints of neglect i.e. aiding and abetting it). There is an icon that comes up once you sign onto the library computers and it says 'applying your personal settings' I guess that means I have personal settings not general overall settings?? or am I mistaken and could not those personal settings be adjusted by someone being given, the nod and the wink by someone in authority that would not require the library service to know?????

7. I guess that if someone had read the blogs they would have seen that in 2002 Taff Housing's tanant support workers were engausged to re-house me following threats of violence against myself by Mr. Watkins, that they took the money and ran after 3mths of minimal support. All to be left adrift to the machinations of the Council. A bit like the form you refer to being returned, that had been filled out on my behalf by a competant or you would think member of the Probation Service, all because I had said 'anywhere' as the location for a bungalow, and you will see that in my email to Mike Murphy at the now I find to be correct email address, that it will take an Executive decision to house me where I will not be subject to the whims of the so called well adjusted public service employees and elected officials?

8. I asked for this after coming accross an aritcle that mentioned that the asking for a named councillor is a legal possibility if one is dissatisfied with their own local councillor. I havent rummaged through the documents that I picked up during my attendance at the Standards n Ethics committee meetings but I would not have asked if it was not already an option for anyone dissatisfied with their own ward representative, like Anne Rowland-James who funnily enough is a SnE committee member???

I trust that this will be enough to appeal this letter and some investigation might be made into why a corporate complaint number was not issued me in Jan 2006, following the December 05 letter from a housing officer. I Hope that I shall get one this time, and hopefully someone will email me to say that 'Lisa Clarke threat to remove the sheets have been put on stop Crazydave, until such time as there has been a public inquiry into reasons why Ministers in the Welsh Assembly Government have allowed Cardiff County Council to Victimise you, and criminally neglect you and ergo other vulnerable adults in Wales'.

That or something similar would be nice Jeff, and sooner rather than later so that I do not have to fear, theives entering my garden stealing frogs n spawn just like they did last year. Video evidence of that I have not placed on youtube, but retain for some future date.

Love n Light people in this instance it means holding the water company to account over its profiteering out of vulnerable adults, and occupiers of multi-dwelling tenancies.

Remember for a full lis of blogs got to